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Round the World Adventure Travellers
10 top tips on flights and travelling around the world, from staying safe to getting the best deals.
Brazil: The Amazon to Carnaval
Most people think of rainforests, tropical beauty and the Carnival when Brazil comes to mind. It's a fascinating and mysterious country, with a lot to offer visitors. Some of the best include warm people and luscious natural beauty.
The World’s Best Scuba Diving
One of the most popular and exotic water sports in the world is scuba diving. Exploring the depths of the oceans appeals to many adventurous people. If you enjoy this sport, you might like exploring shipwrecks, swimming with many species of fish, or interacting with sharks.
Indian Beach Holidays
Article Body: With Sun and sand Indian beaches - a treat to life! Many things make India a convenient destination. It's rich in heritage and can boast of a lot of splendor with not a pinch of exaggeration and when it comes to a beach holiday you just can't ignore the fact that India is full of mind boggling and superb beaches.
5 of the Greatest Restaurants In Dubai
As you all know by now, Dubai is a city full of exciting things to see and to do. You can never get bored of Dubai. Wherever you may live, it keeps drawing you back to it, over and over, like being hypnothised by its magic. And with all these interesting things to do all day and all night long, you will most certainly get very hungry
Hawaii Vacation With A Beach Rental
Do you consider yourself to be a beach lover? Whether you enjoy lounging along the shoreline, swimming, scuba diving, boating, or surfing, you may consider yourself to be a beach lover.
Holiday On An Exotic African Safari
If you're looking for an exciting way to spend your holiday, an exotic African safari might be the answer. There's plenty to see and do for all ages, and it's now easier than ever to book a trip
Accomodation and Romance in Kiev
For many foreigners who like to travel getting needed information about the country or city they are visiting is extremely important. Not only general information, but also detailed maps of the city or country, information about hotels, cafes, places of interest play a great role for successful journey.

Top Ten Beaches in the World
The sun, the soft sand sifting through your toes and fingers, the salty wind blowing in from the sea, the sound of waves…the ultimate holiday and vacation! If you’re like everyone else in this world, you should be looking for some of the top beaches in the world. And lucky for you, we have done the research on the world’s most popular beaches and have listed them here for you in no particular order.
Road Trips are Back:Drive I-95
Drive I-95 is a new style of guidebook which combines colorful easy-to-follow pictorial maps and fun stories
Adventures amid Exotic Landscapes
Escape to another world in exotic Costa Rica amidst verdant jungles, tropical beaches and fiery volcanoes. Visit this gorgeous country with its fantastic adventure vacations for one and all.
Hawaii Spas: Mind & Body with Aloha
With an incredible amount of choices for those who are into the active lifestyle, Hawaii vacation packages are nirvana for the sports-minded. But Hawaii also satisfies the flip side of pushing your body to the limit. Here, extreme sport meets extreme relaxation at the greatest collection of spas on the planet.
The Shangri La Hotel in Sydney, Australia
One of the finest hotels in downtown Sydney, Australia is the Shangri La. The hotel is positioned between the gorgeous Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. Guests can enjoy the Sydney experience in the Shangri La's sumptuous comfort and style in this five star property.
Golfing In Maui
Anyone who is planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii probably has a plan in mind for what they want to see and do on this magnificent island. There is history, beaches, mountains, biking, volcanoes and more all on the second largest island of Hawaii.
The Pearl Of India: Discover Hyderabad
Representative nicknames like the City of Pearls and Cyberabad demonstrate the truly remarkable parallel cultures that have made Hyderabad both a city of culture and a center for information technology.