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Top Tips for Round the World Adventure

Top Tips for Round the World Adventure
Haydn Wrath:Here are 10 of the best tips for round the world travellers, courtesy of round the world specialists Travel Nation
  • From A to B to C
    Arrange the places you want to go in a rough geographic order. You don’t have to be going the same direction all the time, but you can save stacks of money by thinking logically about your route.
  • Work out your budget You can’t travel without money. Better to find this out at home rather than on a distant island in the Far East.
  • Prioritise your destinations Where do you want to go the most? List them in order to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the vital sights.
  • The world in front of you Have a world map to hand. It’s easier to plan when you can put a place to the names.
  • Getting the best deals To get the best deals, a rough rule is to avoid July, early August, Easter and Christmas. Your departure date from the UK will normally have a large bearing on costs. If you do have to leave in the busy season, book as early as possible. Probably the hardest flights to find are those returning to the UK in early January.
  • Travelling solo If you want to visit a part of the world but don’t want to do it by yourself, you might be able to join a tour. This doesn’t mean you have to follow the Brits abroad, rather it should mean you travel with an experienced guide and 10 to 20 other like-minded people. It’s often easier to budget this way too.

  • Being safe The Foreign Office website is a great place for accurate, up-to-date information on travelling safely.
  • Being covered There are no two ways about it…you need travel insurance. Travel insurance is not just about baggage and valuables. It can cover urgent medical assistance for which you or your family could otherwise be liable.
  • Taking the kitchen sink Excess baggage fines can cost as much as your airfare, so be aware of how much you’re packing. There are two types of baggage allowance: the piece system (two pieces of luggage both under specified weights) and the weight system (a combined weight of your luggage). Allowances will always be shown on your tickets. But remember, these might vary across airlines.
  • Have fun Travelling the world is about meeting like-minded people, seeing new things and widening your experiences. Above all, have fun!

Haydn Wrath is the owner at Travel Nation specialising in round the world flight tickets. Travel Nation has a wealth of experience in putting together round the world itineries.

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