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5 of the Greatest Restaurants In Dubai

5 of the Greatest Restaurants In Dubai
Dalvin Rumsey:As you all know by now, Dubai is a city full of exciting things to see and to do. You can never get bored of Dubai. Wherever you may live, it keeps drawing you back to it, over and over, like being hypnothised by its magic. And with all these interesting things to do all day and all night long, you will most certainly get very hungry.

So, in order not to waste any time and money experimenting dinning in strange places, I will suggest going to one of the top 5 of the greatest restaurants in Dubai: Al Muntaha, La Baie, Signatures, Al Boom Floating Restaurant.

Don’t expect all restaurants to serve alcohol, as many of them, especially the ones at the cheaper end of the market, are not licensed to serve it. The sales tax of 10% is included in all bills, but the service charges are not always added to the bill, so prepare to leave a 10% tip.

The best restaurant in Dubai is Al Muntaha, located at the top of the Burj Al Arab hotel. Yes, it is suspended hundreds of meters above the Arabian Gulf! Imagine the slanted glass windows that give the restaurant the feel of a great ocean liner heading out to sea.

Not to speak about the immaculate service they provide: starters like Caesar salad of seared scallops and mains the likes of grilled hammour or roasted prime beef rib with mustard crust. You can even have a delicious Scottish oatmeal ice cream if you miss home! It has been created John Wood, the executive chef.

Another excellent restaurant is La Baie, guided by head chef Carl Stockenstrom. It is more like a major European capital restaurant, for its wonderful piano music, unfaltering service and elegant table settings.

The food is of the highest quality, but extremely expensive. Think of marinated sturgeon carpaccio with caviar and yoghurt sauce or grilled hammour on a bed of green lentils as an exotic starter and you will get a fair picture of the prices to expect here.

A French restaurant is always a refreshing location, but it takes a trip out to Jebel Ali. You will be allowed to see the chefs in action as they make up such incredible starter treats as lobster salad with foie gras and seared scallops wrapped in pastry.

The main attraction is the sea bass served on a bed of red cabbage and cooked to perfection. Picture yourself eating something like this, while being surrounded by candles...romantic, isn’t it?

The floating restaurant of Al Boom is the leader in fine seafood. A business dinner can always be set on a river cruise , making it a very unique and relaxing experience.
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