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Terri Benincasa
Boomer Expert ... Business and Personal Coaching

Terri is Founder & CEO of Benincasa & Associates, Inc. a unique Transitions Coaching company offering both Personal and Business services with a specialty in all things Boomer. She is known nationally as a Boomer Expert, and is a proud Boomer herself.

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On the Business Coaching side, that means helping organizations establish healthy company cultures: without cross-generational turmoil (Boomers/Millennials/GenX'ers) & with well developed leadership at all levels of the organizational chart; with programs for capturing and keeping Boomers' extensive knowledge/skill-sets (so those key elements don't leave with each retiring Boomer), and teaching businesses how to market to the extremely lucrative Boomer Buyer.

On the Personal Coaching side, it means giving Boomers the tools and inspiration to ease smoothly through the life transitions so prevalent to us: moving to that next career stage; deciding how to have a quality retirement; being newly singled; helping parents of teens (all Boomers) learn the strategies that will make those tumultuous years far more enjoyable.

As a Coach, Terri combines her 16 years of senior management and business ownership experience, with her double Masters in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University and over a decade as both a therapist & Life Coach to her generation, to eloquently handle the development of the integral skill-sets Boomers need to be successful in both the personal and business arenas, and the capacities businesses need to optimize rather than squander the huge assets this generation represents.

Adding to Terri's Boomer expertise is her dedication over the last seven years to studying the evolving needs, trends, and latest research on all things related to the baby boomer generation, from what "turns us on" to "what bums us out"; from the tremendous impact we have had and continue to have on societal beliefs and expectations [both positive and negative] to how we can and must gracefully handle our immense influence to leave a legacy of which we can be proud.

Terri is the host of the talk-radio show Boomer Nation ! in Tampa Bay , FL , first on WTAN 1340 AM and coming January, 2010 to WGUL 860 AM. As such she gets to do what she does best -- sit at the mike with other hand-picked experts and give Boomers all the information & inspiration they need to live work and play at their Boomer-best. She is the featured advice columnist for Boomerster.com and BoomerAuthority.com, and is completing her first book, Is That My Light at the End of the Tunnel ?, for and about Boomers, chronicling how and why a generation that spent our youth changing society for the better, systematically undid much of what we fought for upon reaching adulthood – becoming "the man" we so reviled -- and how to fix what went wrong.

"Terri believes in “practicing what she preaches” utilizing in her own life the leadership and high-end business-management skills that she teaches, including the importance of service to one's community as a key leadership factor. So, her volunteer activities include service as a Guardian ad Litem for children removed from their homes for abuse and neglect, an appointed member of the Hillsborough County (FL) Children's Board's Legislative Advocacy Committee; and former board chair/now Advisory Committee member of the non-profit organization Wheels of Success. She has been a foster parent, and counseled secondary survivors of the World Trade Center attacks at ground zero in late September 2001. Terri has been on numerous boards and state appointed committees over the years.

Finally, Terri believes in equal rights for all, the humane treatment of all living things, taking care of our planet and therefore renewable everything, and that Star Trek's vision of humanity's future is well worth working toward.

Questions and Answers
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Tips for Boomers back on the Job Market

We've been working our way up in the same industry, and often at the same job, for over three decades, ready to make all that sacrifice and time worthwhile as we contemplate retirement in just a few more years….Then the lay-offs hit like the proverbial ton of bricks, and our lives drastically ...

Visit Terri on the web at: www.baccinc.com

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Phone: 813- 818 -7321/7372


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