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What are Search Engines?

What are Search Engines?

Looking for information on the Internet? Then you need to use a search engine. A search engine can be defined as a web site, which helps you find information on the Internet.
There are over 82 different types of search engines.

Search engines allow you to enter a word or phrase, which the engine searches to match the request, displaying links to the particular Web pages.

When searching for a topic or subject try the following:

1. Be specific: Example: looking for a soccer team. Type the name of the team not just the word soccer.


2. Select the keywords first in your topic.

3. Make sure you have the correct spelling.

4. Use other words that have the same meaning.

5. Add words if necessary to improve the meaning.

6. Phrases - Use quotation marks " soccer teams" quotations maintain the order of the words when searched by search engines.

7. Use the + sign in front of the main word e.g. +soccer team. This tells the search engine that the main word must appear in your result.

8. To speed up your searches use lower case most search engines do not recognize upper or lower case letters.