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Motorola RAZRWIRE Headset Sunglasses

Motorola RAZRWIRE Headset Sunglasses
Anna More: The Motorola RAZRWIRE Sunglasses are the perfect example of what happens when the latest technology fuses with high fashion. The new RAZRWIRE Bluetooth sunglasses by Motorola and Oakley get two things accomplished with one product - a good quality headset with clear audio, as well as great protection from the suns rays with an attractive pair Oakley sunglasses.

Operation is completely hands free, which makes the experience that much more convenient. There are also no bulky cables connecting from device to headset, it's completely wireless. The Motorola RAZRWIRE sunglasses are also very versatile, compatible with any Bluetooth enabled cellphone, home computer, or PDA. This device is the ultimate companion whether you are a hardcore mountain biker or a business consultant, these are the ultimate stunner shades.

Talk time is good, at around 6 hours. Standby time is about 100 hours or so - approximately 4 days. Unfortunately, with an average standby time like this, you'll probably have to keep up with charging the Motorola RAZRWIRE's more than your cellphone, though. The overall design of the sunglasses is very attractive and stylish - I have always been a big fan of Oakley sunglasses. The main unit and microphone isn't not too bulky or overbearing.

The overall weight of the unit is very light: 15 grams - 1 gram shy of an ounce. Complete measurements are 19 x 52 x 11 mm. They are barely noticeable, simply imagine the merging of a super-cool pair of Oakley sunglasses and the ultimate Bluetooth headset from a name brand such as Motorola, can you go wrong, I don't think so.

The RAZRWIRE sunglasses are the perfect solution for you if you have trouble staying connected while doing any active sport, like bicycling, jogging ...really anything at all. The RAZRWIRE is made to fit your lifestyle especially with the choice of three different color options. If you live life on the edge, these are great sunglasses to have.

They will always stay where they need to be while you're exercise - on your head. You can even stay connected when you're away from your cellphone itself - up to 30 feet. The Bluetooth 1.2 technology is to thank for this. The technology will also enhance the quality of your calls, with less interference as well as a much quicker connection.

The following is only a brief word of what the developers have to say about the innovative product and its overall performance and immaculate style.

In partnership with Motorola, Oakley has expanded its leadership position in performance eyewear as leading luxury and lifestyle brand. By combining Oakley's powerful design philosophy with Motorola's award-winning technology, RAZRWIRE is one fashionable, yet functional statement – changing mobile technology forever.
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