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The Internet And Finding People

The Internet And Finding People
Joan Rivers:Remember that hilarious guy you met at the casino on your last cruise? What about that best friend you had from the high school you transferred from your sophomore year? What about that long lost crush; how is she? Everyone needs to find someone at sometime in their life, and sometimes that can be difficult. Short of hiring a private detective, there are few options available. With the proliferation of the Internet, there is another place to turn.

An easy place to begin is the Internet white pages. Think of these sites as a gigantic phonebook with listings for people all over the country and even the world. The downfall of these types of sites is that it is usually difficult to locate the exact person you are trying to find, and it may be awkward and time consuming calling up 150 people named “Michael Brown.” There are, however, other places to turn.

Many Internet sites now claim to be experts on finding personal information. Any of these sites can be found by loading Google in your browser and searching for “find people.” Of course, these sites charge a fee, from small to large, to present you with all the information you could ask for.

These sites offer you address, phone number, cell phone number, email address, job record, credit reports, criminal records, and much more. Some sites even claim that this is a great way to learn about prospective dating partners! It may be smart to first try the service with your own name to see exactly how it works and what information is available.

If you wish to learn more about relative and your family’s ancestors, there are sites that can help you do this as well. They will help you retrace your family roots right up until you can find your actual relatives that immigrated to the United States (the website is actually created by Ellis Island).

Overall, these sites are great for finding someone you want to contact. However, they do seem like they interfere with people’s privacy. Do you really want to know that that hilarious guy in the casino has gone bankrupt 3 times since the cruise? Come on!

John Rivers is the owner of Global Background http://www.globalbackgroundcheck.co.uk