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Sheree Zielke
World Traveler, Writer & Photographer

A Baby Boomer who loves travel, travel writing, photography, teaching digital camera and photography, and sharing travel tips and stories.

Hurricane Katrina - New Orleans Nearly 3 Years After the Storm!

White travel trailers still sit parked in front of homes, many homes, in the New Orleans parishes ravaged by Hurricane Katrina back in August of 2005. Black holes hacked into the rooftops of houses attest to the stalwart ability of some to survive - even getting trapped inside their own homes.

Fronts of homes, many homes, are indelibly marked with large painted "X's," along with a variety of numbers and letters-signs to rescuers that the home had been searched and, possibly, bodies discovered. But while the victims of Katrina struggled to survive the high winds, and huge tidal surges, they had no idea of the struggle for survival that still lay ahead of them. Even 2-1/2 years after the worst natural disaster in American history.

It was a sobering bus trip. Tourists gazed through the Gray Lines bus window as our driver, Sylvester, recounted the horror of Katrina, as she first bypassed New Orleans, and then in a grim act of a female's right to change her mind, Katrina changed course, and in a fury, swept back through the Louisiana port city. Many lost their lives; some lost family members - temporarily, as thousands were randomly loaded to evacuation buses; some lost pets; many lost possessions; but many lost - everything.

"Look," our driver says, as he points to the ragged hole in the roof of a small house in the St. Bernard parish. "That's where people took an ax and cut their way out of their attic." He pauses and adds, "But 200 people died in their attics, because they forgot to take their ax with them."

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Hurricane Katrina - New Orleans Nearly 3 Years After the Storm!


Sheree Zielke
Edmonton, Alberta Canada



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