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Sheree Zielke
World Traveler, Writer & Photographer

A Baby Boomer who loves travel, travel writing, photography, teaching digital camera and photography, and sharing travel tips and stories.

Spend Your Travel Dollars Wisely and Take a Cruise!

Cruising is the best vacation value because, besides the obvious value for your dollar, cruising provides the three things necessary for outstanding vacation value: relaxation, adventure and attention to detail.

Cruising today is like checking into a classy hotel and then watching out the window as the building moves from place to place; it's very exciting to awaken to the golden early morning rays of a sunrise in an exotic foreign port.

Perhaps the most attractive reason that cruising is the best vacation value is simply: CHOICE. Passengers can expect to be given so many choices at all levels of cruising, making cruising a far better value than a car trip with motels, an all-inclusive resort or a regular hotel room.

Cruise lines strive to make a cruise ship vacation like a little piece of heaven for its passengers. Once a ticket is purchased, a cruise ship guest can expect to be housed, cared for, and entertained.

Even with all the extra charges like drinks, Internet charges, formal photos, and shore excursions, a cruise ship vacation is still the best value for a traveler's dollar. Passengers will be well fed - 24 hours a day; an abundance of tasty foods, more than anyone could ever eat. Guests will be protected both onboard and while on shore excursions. And guests will be catered to by crew members who have been trained to see to a passenger's every need or request.

From the youngest child to the oldest senior, cruise lines have packed their ships full of amenities and activities. Pools, hot tubs, spas, gyms, playrooms, video arcades, bars, lounges, jogging tracks, restaurants, boutiques, movies, theater, gambling, art auctions, wine tasting, and so much more; it's all there on these posh floating hotels. (Medical concerns? All ships travel with a doctor, too, who can provide care and prescriptions where necessary.)

Cruise ship vacations afford a traveler the ability to see so much more of the world on their vacation, with stops at many ports (depending upon the length of the cruise). A 12-day cruise in the Mediterranean will introduce a traveler to no less than 11 ports of call. You may even receive a printed "log" sheet of your cruise as a souvenir at the end of your voyage.

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Sheree Zielke
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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