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Sheree Zielke
World Traveler, Writer & Photographer

A Baby Boomer who loves travel, travel writing, photography, teaching digital camera and photography, and sharing travel tips and stories.

Seniors Looking for Cheap Holiday Flights? Tips for Making Money While Traveling

Yes, Virginia, there are cheaper days to fly, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And if you plan your flight schedule to include connecting, instead of direct flights, you will save a bundle.

 It's true.  The airlines lower their fees on holiday days and days surrounding holidays because fewer travelers are choosing those days.  If you can opt for some of the cheaper flying dates, you could save enough for another flight on a later date.

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My husband and I have the luxury of flying when we choose; we don't spend holidays with family or friends, so we opt for flying days when most people aren't flying.  And what a difference that makes to our wallets.

Best Departure and Return Dates on Holidays

We aren't alone in our logic.  Travel advisors like Rick Seaney publish the best dates for cheap holiday travel.   Check out his “best departure or return” dates; you'll be surprised at the money you'll save.  For instance, at Christmas these are your best departure dates: 

  • Thurs., Dec. 18
  • Sat., Dec. 20
  • Tues., Dec. 23
  • Thurs., Dec. 25
  • And your best return dates: 

  • Thurs., Dec. 25
  • Sat., Dec. 27
  • Wed., Dec. 31
  • Thurs., Jan. 1
  • Sat., Jan. 3
  • Tues., Jan 6

Make Money While Traveling

Another bit of money-making travel advice is to opt for flights you guess might be full.  Book your flights in anticipation of being “bumped.”  Of course, you must plan for your delay, so don't have any appointments you must attend upon your return home. 

My husband and I did that recently coming out of Houston, Texas. Because we plan for a “soft” arrival back home, meaning we can be delayed by a day or two, we were able to “volunteer” to give up our seats on a busy evening flight. 

The airlines are grateful when you do this and offer everything from a free hotel stay, free food vouchers, free shuttle to their hotel, free upgrade to first class, and valuable vouchers towards future flights (ours was $300 each).  But lots of people like to take advantage of being bumped, so here are a few tricks to ensure you can be the first to volunteer your seat.


Tips for Getting Bumped from your Flight

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Sheree Zielke
Edmonton, Alberta Canada



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