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Rosalyn J. Cronin
Certified Management Accountant

Rosalyn Cronin is a Certified Management Accountant who loves to give people advice on becoming a Savvy Spender.

She has been counseling clients about personal money management for years, steering them away from potential disaster and helping grow a healthy attitude about money. “It is not about how much people earn; it is all about how they spend what they have” is her favorite tip.

She has overcome her own money challenges, and is on a mission to ensure everyone learns from her mistakes, and understands how money works.

She is currently writing a non-fiction book on money management by adjusting attitudes about spending and is actively seeking an agent. After developing her writing skills for the book, Rosalyn started a professional writing career, with her first articles published by the Sun Media. She has gone on to write for Careers Magazine, Moxi Femme and It's Your Life.

Rosalyn holds her designation with the Society of Management Accountants. In 2005 she amalgamated her practice with Kimberly Copetti, CA. Between them, they offer a full range of accounting services, from personal taxes to corporate, and controllership functions. Business plans, training and start up are her areas of specialty.

Rosalyn graduated from the Durham College Adult Trainer program in 1995, combining her love of speaking with her business management skills. She has spoken at many organizations, as well as presenting seminars and workshops. Her topics range from tax seminars to Say No to Perfection , a time management presentation.

She currently presents two courses out of her facility in Ajax . The Savvy Spender – on personal money management - is a six week evening course that changes the participants' attitudes about money. Savvy Spender for business lasts five weeks during a lunch and learn format. Entrepreneurs create an updated business plan to enable their existing businesses to grow.

Rosalyn feeds her love of business through the preparation of concise, clear business plans for a myriad of clients. Feasible forecasted cash flows and understandable marketing plans lead to positive feed back from local bank managers. they appreciate being able to understand the business in a few pages, and have realistic numbers to work from while approving loans.

Visit Rosalyn at her website to learn more, and visit her blog while you are there.


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