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Retirement - Psychology topics

Retirement Fitness: How To Shape Up Physically, Psychologically and Financially
Retirement is easy, right? You just stop working and everything else will be fine. I call this the "Homer Simpson Myth." Doh! It just doesn't work that way...
What is Positive Psychology?
Human psychology is always painted negative and as a study of negative human behavior; basically we perceive psychology as a sign of trouble...
Alzheimers: Psychological Malfunctioning of the Brain
Alzheimer is a brain disease which generally affects the normal functioning of the brain. Alzheimer is basically the sudden drop of the memory capacity which leads to...
Viagra is it the Cure For an Age Old Problem
Male impotence is an age old problem. Yet, although it has plagued men for centuries, it is surprising that the cure for erectile dysfunction took so long to be developed.
Old Age Care Guide: When Old Age And Diabetes Walk Together...
Old age and diabetes…what more is required to make the life a challenging battle ground?
Psychological First Aid: 7 Reasons Why you Need Help
Psychological First Aid for Boomers: 7 Powerful Reasons to Get Help
Meditation and Its Psychological Benefits
Most of us, if not all, are craving to have good health and a better life. We want a life full of energy and excitement. We want a life that is...
Attitudes Towards Death and Dying
Death and dying has always been an interesting issue to understand and interpret.
Elderly Perception of Loneliness and Ways of Resolving it
Even though loneliness is perceived as an important consideration in oldage, there is no...