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Old Age Care Guide: When Old Age And Diabetes Walk Together...

Old Age Care Guide: When Old Age And Diabetes Walk Together...
Ashish Jain: Old age and diabetes…what more is required to make the life a challenging battle ground?

Physical sickness, combined with mental sickness is a double tragedy. Old age in itself, without any additional sickness is a serious sickness. In old age when the confidence level of any individual is low and when the fingers tremble, when the medication tablets on the palm dance and when you have trouble in drinking even a glass of water, all seems to be lost.

Certainly diabetes is an added burden for those already drooped shoulders. An affectionate family hence plays a major role in curing an old age diabetic patient. The very feeling for an old age diabetic patient that he is being taken care by his near and dear ones is half the cure.

Understand the psychology of the person in the old age. This is the very same man, who worked for hours together, to bring plenty and prosperity for the family. Now he sits in a corner, trying to read the headlines of the newspaper. To manage time is a problem for him. He has only time and more time, with nothing else to manage!

Even if it is not a big joint family, somebody has to make a time table to look after the family patient, without giving him the feeling that he is being looked after like a patient. He needs to be given food as per the pre-decided time table. The food needs to be served to him with lots of affection.

On a fixed day/date, the blood pressure and the blood sugar of the patient should be checked and noted down in a special dairy that is maintained for the purpose. Even when the patient shows improvement in health, this practice should not be stopped.

His day's food chart is pre-decided. But don't repeat the eats over and over again. The diet has to be with the limitations permitted by the diabetes, but here again you can have a variety. Old age is the time when the person craves to eat, even though he is not hungry much.

If the mobility of the diabetic patient is alright, do take him to the area garden for a morning or evening walk. Late evenings are preferable.

See to that he gets the seasonal fruits in line of treatment of diabetes and make him drink lots of boiled and cooled water.

A diabetic patient in the old age needs two types of medication. One is the medication of love and other is the medication of understanding. Along goes the medication prescribed by the doctor