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Health And Fitness: 2 Things We Should All Embrace

Health And Fitness: 2 Things We Should All Embrace
Dazza Walke: Whether you are talking about resistance training, Pilates, Yoga, cardiovascular activities,or just a walk with the dogs. Even a weekend at a spa for a massage and some spa treatment to stretch the muscles and make us more subtle. All of these programs have one thing in common - performing more activity than you would get sitting on the couch.

You, like alot of others might ask the same question. WHY BOTHER?
How about defying the aging process for starters? I see so many elderly people who are 65 but look 80 and vice versa. The reason is simple. Some people keep themselves loose and active which repays them in later years, while others go to work everyday and when they retire just stop and their body stops with them. There is also the phrase 'healthy body, health mind'. My grandfather is 89 years old and still does crosswords and his brain is more like a 30 year olds. He has always looked after his body and he is enjoying his later years as a result.

What about the physical aspect?
Would any of us honestly say we are as fit as 10 years ago. When you are young your body recovers alot quicker from exercise and everything seems that bit easier but as you get older you have to work at it a bit harder. Tied in with the phyiscal side is the body fat we carry. It's not healthy, it's not attractive and as you get older it will catch you up if you don't put in the effort.

In this day and age obesity is all too common, and heart disease is an ever growing problem but these are very preventable condition which a bit of exercise can tackle.

How about self-esteem? I don't know anyone who is happy with the way they look. With a regular exercise program your body will tone and firm up and you will feel better about yourself which will give you a head start before you even leave the house.

Here is the bottom line, folks: Exercise and a reasonable nutrition program are necessary for ALL people, for their ENTIRE lives. No need to be a beefcake in the gym, no need to sacrifice our everyday life to do your workouts and certainly no need for shortcuts like weight loss pills etc.
Here is a list of what we can all do:-

Cardiovascular Training - Does it burn a lot of calories? Sure it does. However, if you don't combine it with resistance training and supportive nutrition, you'll likely just burn off water weight and the muscle tissue that you worked so hard for up in step number 1.

Reasonable Nutrition Program - We all like our cream buns and pizzas, and there is no reason to stop them totally. We should reward ourselves now and again or else we will lose the determination to keep going. We just have to remember to keep it under control. With this we should try to eat healthier between our treats. More fruit and less chocolate biscuits. More rice and less fries etc. It all makes a difference and in later years you can still enjoy going for walks and day out with your very lively grand children instead of being confined to the house.

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