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Natalie Caine
Empty Nest Support Services - The Founder

Since 1982, Natalie creates and facilitates women support groups in the areas of life changes, including dating, careers, marriage, divorce, parenting, illness, loss, and dreams coming true.

Natalie Caine is the founder and facilitator of Empty Nest Support Services.

She received her master's degree and board of medical examiner's license in speech and language therapy, in 1972.

After 15 years of offering therapy and workshops to Los Angeles Unified School District , she opened a private practice to serve her community.

Since 1982, Natalie creates and facilitates women support groups in the areas of life changes, including dating, careers, marriage, divorce, parenting, illness, loss, and dreams coming true.

When her daughter was in high school, she realized that this emptying of the nest life transition was a major change. She did not want to go through it alone nor did she want her friends jumping into the abyss without support.

Natalie began Empty Nest Support Services which grew into a new career and business.

Empty Nest Support Services helps anticipating empty nesters and empty nest families through the joys and challenges.

She never imagined this passion would lead her to speaking engagements, private consultations, support groups, and a lively growing web called, www.emptynestsupport.com . The web offers articles, blogs, newsletters, story of the month, art gallery, a lively free forum, gift store and more.

Natalie has been interviewed, live for the launching of Lifetime Radio Station for Women, which can be heard on her web. She has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the Washington Post and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine as an expert for empty nesters

Natalie lives in southern California with her husband and cat. Her daughter recently graduated from college and is starting out on her career.

She is the southern California representative for The International Women's Writing Guild. Natalie is a member of The National Association for Women Writer's and the California Speech and Hearing Association.

Her book, “Life Beyond Transitions” will be published in 2010

What Matters Most, Empty Nesters?

For six years I have been speaking with parents across the country about the challenges of being an empty nester, including the revolving door.

I know we get sick of the word change and still that is inevitable.  Books, articles, media, all say just do it, get on board for change now.

Mother's Day Gifts

Empting the nest or being an empty nester, you are a great mom who has been there for your children. Here are some ideas of how they can be there for you…go ahead and forward this list to them and your partner.


Empty Nesters, women and men who have been in a career for decades, stay at home moms, parents retiring, college grads and people returning from service, are all asked, what do you want to do now?

Are you asking yourself that question? Have you come up with some ideas but …

Almost an Empty Nester…Change is coming

Parents are mixed with feelings of pride, excitement, and anxiety. You are on the countdown to the big hug goodbye.

Honestly, it isn't real until you come back home to silence. Here are some TIPS in the transition of changing your role with yourself and your children.


Celebrations from high school and college grads are streaming the country. Congratulations, you did it!

Parents and grads are BEGINNERS again. The roles they have lived are changing. GUT FEELINGS and CURIOSITY will be your sign posts, as well as, those WEIRD VOICES in your head that compares you to others, chatters so loud that you get immobile, or those misperceptions that view you as not being good enough. Don't follow those last three sign posts.

Father's Day in the Empty Nest

I got a sweet email from a dad after we spoke on the telephone. All of his children are away and usually they forget to acknowledge Father's Day. He knows they love him. He knows their brains work differently than he understands.

Back to school and your nest is empty

I just want to remind you, love wins every day.

I remember one freshman day, I had the “want me's.” So I called my daughter, “I know I am being a pest today trying to reach you and you are busy. I am fine. I just want to hear your voice or get a text, so could you give it to me. I am having a tantrum here on the office floor because I miss you...


We as a community of parents, I hope we choose to help each other through the celebrations and disappointments. I am passionate about offering a hand while you sort, stumble, and re-invent who you are beyond parenting. Once a parent always a parent but children need to grow taller and fill their lives with other hands to hold.

What Helps An Empty Nester?

Change is inevitable. Get support.
Over the six years of my speaking with parents across the country a big question is, NOW WHAT?
You are on a journey of grieving the role you loved and shifting into a new role.

How do you find what's next for you?

Empty Nesters Asked, What Now?

Parents have called from home and airports crying from the big hug goodbye at the college dorms. They say they can't believe how fast the daily parenting has gone and wonder what to do now with their feelings and free time.

Do Boomers and Empty Nesters believe in SIGNS?

Sunday I lived my fun day of driving down Malibu Canyon in Los Angeles, alone, to walk the beach. I get there as often as I can which is an advantage to being an empty nester. No soccer practice or birthday parties!

You can reach Natalie at:

E-mail Natalie Caine, founder and facilitator of Empty Nest Support Services. natalie@emptynestsupport.com

You may also phone us at:

Natalie Caine, M.A. Empty Nest Support Services
Toll-free: 800-446-3310 - Local: 818-763-0188 Fax: 818-763-1743


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