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Natalie Caine
Empty Nest Support Services - The Founder

Since 1982, Natalie creates and facilitates women support groups in the areas of life changes, including dating, careers, marriage, divorce, parenting, illness, loss, and dreams coming true.

Father's Day in the Empty Nest

I got a sweet email from a dad after we spoke on the telephone. All of his children are away and usually they forget to acknowledge Father's Day. He knows they love him. He knows their brains work differently than he understands.

We talked about doing something to celebrate that day and not let it pass him by.

We laughed at the idea of texting the boys and saying, “Yes, today is Father's Day.”

He is a single Dad, like so many wonderful dads. If he can't find a buddy that Sunday, he plans to map out a new day hike. He is going to buy himself a treat to acknowledge the day and in the evening he will look at photos, maybe with Kleenex, and remember all the fun times. He misses his boys and always will.

Learning to love the life you have now includes letting tears drop. We were never taught that grieving is part of living.

To all the wonderful dads and mine included, who has passed, I appreciate your gentleness and teachings about lifting up when times are down.

Whether you are with your dads or not, what compliment would you like to post about the father in your life or about being a father?

Happy Father's Day,


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