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Natalie Caine
Empty Nest Support Services - The Founder

Since 1982, Natalie creates and facilitates women support groups in the areas of life changes, including dating, careers, marriage, divorce, parenting, illness, loss, and dreams coming true.

Do Boomers and Empty Nesters believe in SIGNS?

Sunday I lived my fun day of driving down Malibu Canyon in Los Angeles, alone, to walk the beach. I get there as often as I can which is an advantage to being an empty nester. No soccer practice or birthday parties!

The road was pretty empty at nine am. It was a warm and clear day when unexpectedly a white speckled deer leaped in front of my car.

I looked in my rear view mirror window and pointed, mouthing, “Did you see that?” to the car behind me. The deer was light, silent, and huge. Deer and I were fine.

Then I started crying. I thought about how this beautiful deer was in her neighborhood simply crossing the road and could have lost her life. I was in awe to see “nature” like this in Los Angeles. I miss being in nature.

That evening I googled deer totem animal and read something like this:

Alert and perceptive, loving, accepts people as they are, compassionate, in balance. I had seen a herd of white deer when I was alone walking before sunset in Northern California.

With the New Year, I decided this was a “sign” of my new totem animal for 2010. I also know deer can buck and be ferocious.

One “sign” I got from this experience was wonderment. I decided to look back in 2009 at times I felt wonderment. In 2010 I will honor wonderment. I see it in the photography I shoot and in people. Beauty is top on my life list. I feel refreshed and invigorated with beauty.

Years ago, I chose the giraffe as my animal that I would want to be. Now it would be deer. What animal would you choose to be? Do you believe in “signs?”

Wishing you moments of Wonderment in 2010.

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