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Karen Gibson
Writer & Entrepeneur
Sex, Love, Relationships, Passion and Romance!

A Baby Boomer who has a genuine passion for writing "spicy" articles for the Boomer generation. Her articles touch on the feisty side of 50, and explores sexuality, love and romance in midlife.

When I started my website, my goal was to reach Baby Boomers and share tips, inspiration and encouragement in living the second half of our lives to the fullest.

My articles were focused on, fitness, anti aging, and health. With little mention on the topics of sex and relationships.

Within a year, my website took on a exciting and new direction, with subjects that Boomers were surprisingly interested in ....

Sex, Love, Relationships, Passion and Romance!

By the sheer number of Baby Boomers contacting me about these subjects, I knew I wasn't alone in wanting to enhance these areas in my life and share it with others.

Who would have thought there were so many sexy, romantic Boomers! I guess that shows you ... you are never too old for the fiesty side of 50!

Today, I continually discuss topics that my seem "taboo" to the younger generation ... Sex & Love After 50!

You can visit me, and even share your tips with other Boomers on these subjects. Don't be shy, join in, at http://www.babyboomers-lifes-pleasures.com

Learn How To Rekindle The Romance In Your Relationship

Rekindling romance in a long-term relationship is not only healthy, but <b>necessary the longer you have been together.Keeping your relationship exciting does take work, but the benefits far way out the other side of the coin!
It's all too easy to let a long-term relationship just exist, or take it for granted that it will last forever!
Discover How Baby Boomers Are Finding Love After 50

Is it possible Baby Boomers are finding love after 50? You bet it is! The best part ..... it's easier than you may think! Being in our 50's or 60's and entertaining the idea of dating can be intimidating. It's probably been years (or decades) since you've dated, but the good thing is ........ .
Sex Over 50 Can Be Better Than Ever!

Discover why sex for Baby Boomers is more meaningful in the second half of life.
First, it's time to bust the myth ... "Sex Over 50", doesn't happen.
Far be it from the truth!
Looked at a magazine lately? Apparently, enjoying sex is only for the young, with perfect bodies, and sex appeal! Talk about clueless!
Sex for adults over 50 was described as being "cute and somewhat gross, if it's happening at all"!
Would somebody please inform these people, that sexuality doesn't come with an expiration date!!!
As you see, these people are totally misinformed, regarding the relationships that we all want, or are having, once we reach our 50's, and 60's.
The Boomers, I know, over the age of 50, (including myself), say their sex life is the most satisfying, they have ever had.

Are you enjoying your sex life?
Feel Sexier At Any Age

Not sure who the reflection in the mirror is these days? Are you looking for that "hot" woman that you once were? For many Baby Boomer women, we all face the days, when we want to feel sexier again.

The good news is, you are never too old to rediscover your sexy side. Here are a few of my favourite ways to Feel Sexier, Look Sexier, & Be Sexier

Dress Sexy
Still staring at the same shirt and pants from a decade ago?
F.Y.I. - styles DO change over the years. Now I'm not saying go out and buy fishnet stockings and stilettos! (not at our age) You don't have to break the bank, but get out and treat yourself to a few sexy pieces of clothing! Along with sprucing up your wardrobe, adding a little make-up to the finishing touches, can make a world of difference in how this can make you feel.

Buy New Lingerie
When was the last time you did an over hall to your lingerie drawer? Can't remember? Get out and buy something sexy, for the man in your life! Knock him off the sofa, when you surprise him in your new sexy lingerie, when he's expecting you to come into the room in your old nightgown, that you usually wear.

Rediscover Flirting
Can you remember how fun it was in the beginning of your relationship, to flirt? As time ticks on, and you don't use your flirting techniques - it may be time to brush up on your skills! Leave a sexy note for your partner in his pocket before he leaves the house. Send a sexy text message. Don't know how? E-mail the message, or leave a voice mail on his phone.

An Overnight Rendezvous
When was the last time you and your man spent quality time with each other - AWAY? Everyone needs to get away from everyday routine, even if it's only for one night. Put on your new sexy clothes, take a little time for lipstick and hit the town. Later you can re-create a romantic evening in your hotel room. Remember to pack a few essentials ... candles, romantic music and don't forget your sexy new lingerie.

For more great ideas and ways to feel sexier, visit me at www.babyboomers-lifes-pleasures.com/feel-sexier.html

How To Avoid Awkward Silences First Date Conversations Starters For Baby Boomers

Before you spend hours getting ready and head out the door on your first date, you may want to brush up on these First Date Conversation Starters, to enhance your chances of a successful "first time"!

For most Baby Boomers, hitting the dating scene can be a little nerve racking, if not a nail-biting event.

The first thing, for you to remember: dating to suppose to fun, exciting and interesting.

Dating is all about finding chemistry and compatibility with someone else, possibly your soul mate.

If you are a single Boomer, it is most likely the person you are meeting is fairly new to the "dating game" in the second half of life, as well, so relax!

The conversation is probably the most important part of your first date. A great conversation can lead to future dates, so be your self.

First date conversation starters can be quite, easy IF you stay away from those controversial "taboo" subjects, and play it safe! At least, on your first date.

Learn The Secrets To Rekindling Your Marriage

Is the flame in your relationship, dwindling?

Are you frustrated that your relationship has lost the romance and intimacy that it once had?

Is your relationship screaming for a major tune-up?

If so, it's time to change all that! Learning how to rekindle your marriage, will breath new life into your relationship, if it is crying for help!

The longer you have been together, the more necessary it is to find unique ways to spice up your love life.

When was the last time you spent time together just talking? Can't remember? Conversation is the "glue", in any relationship.

Okay, now for your memory ... try to remember back when the dating and seduction phase of your relationship was all about the physical attraction between the two of you. (Oh, those hot passionate nights!)

Why should it be any different from then?

With a little work and your imagination, you can rekindle your marriage, and have the relationship that most people only dream about.

Discover These 9 Tips To Rekindling Your Marriage ..


Visit Karen on the web at: www.babyboomers-lifes-pleasures.com

Email Karen Gibson at karen@babyboomers-lifes-pleasures.com



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