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Joanie Winberg
National Association of Divorce for Women and Children

As the Founder of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children, Joanie's passion is to help women during and after divorce to be the best they can be as well as become role models for their children and community. 

Joanie Winberg, Business/Life Coach Specializing in Divorce
Joanie speaks around the country and her diverse clientele is in the retail, health care, non-profit sector, and education industries. She is also the author of Rising to the Top, A Guide to Self Development.

“Rising to the Top”

A Guide to Self Development

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This book is a vehicle you can use to get you from where you are now to where you'd like to be.

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The Happy Wednesday Foundation

To continue to help provide a healthy lifestyle for women and children, Joanie is the Founder of the non-profit  Happy Wednesday Foundation which provides funding for women's educational mentoring programs during and after divorce.

You can reach Joanie at:


E-mail Joanie Winberg, the Founder and Executive Director directly at jw@joanwinberg.com.

You may also mail or phone us at:

The National Association of Divorce for Women and Children Box 1190 Lakeville, MA 02347