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Jennifer S. Wilkov
An expert in strategic planning and business development

An expert in strategic planning and business development across the nation's top companies, and a former Certified Financial Planner™, Jennifer S. Wilkov has over a decade of experience with money relationships - both corporate and individual. Her company, Evolutionary Strategic Planning™ (E.S.P.), provides a unique approach to working with clients based on their key needs and desires. As a financial pioneer, she has helped clients design strategies and create multiple income streams so they can swiftly reach their financial goals.

It's no accident that the acronym for her company is E.S.P. Her clients agree: she has a sixth sense! Collaborating with Jennifer means forming an alliance - Jennifer remains with clients as they evolve, update, and revise their financial plans, making sure that as they grow, their wealth grows with them.

Finally, as author and speaker, Jennifer brings her many years of knowledge and wisdom to the table to show you just how easy it is to love your money and to love what it does for you.

Articles and book resources coming soon by author Jennifer S. Wilkov