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Kara Fitness
Wellness, Sport and Exercise Performance Solutions

Introducing Kara - Owner of Kara Fitness Montreal.

Kara`s background is in kinesiology.

Her certification as a personal trainer, Barre Concept and Stott Pilates instructor, and Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, combined with personal experience as an athlete and fitness enthusiast provide her with the ability to create a personalized plan for your fitness, weight loss and health goals


Barre Concept is the only internationally accredited barre workout.

Très Studio BARRE & PILATES is the first studio in Montreal to offer this unique class.

Barre Concept combines pilates, dance, strength & conditioning and yoga for a fun and effective workout.  

Set to high energy music, Barre Concept can help you transform your body for a healthier, leaner and more toned physique. 

Barre concept can help you achieve all
of your fitness goals

We also offer consulting and coaching on how to eat right and stay active while accommodating your lifestyle, your likes and your needs.

Fitness and weight loss are not about following a fad diet – It`s about balance, healthy eating and physical activity. Find out how to fit healthy eating and physical activity into your lifestyle while having fun and enjoying what you do and eat!

Kara fitness can help you make a lifestyle change, lose weight or maintain a new healthy behaviour through:

  • Corporate Wellness Interventions & Programs
  • Lifestyle & Wellness Consulting
  • Weight Loss Programming & Support
  • Exercise & Sport Psychology Consulting
  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Personal Development

Contact us now: 514.357.5998

Kara Fitness and Très Studio Barre & Pilates
3648A St. Laurent Blvd, Montreal QC , H2X 2V4

Contact: 514-357-5998