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Body Sculpture
West Island - Slimwave's natural fat burning treatment

Welcome to Body Sculpture at body sculpture we use the latest technology called Slimwave which uses EMS technology (electrical muscle stimulation) to help you lose weight and make body fat just melt away, toning your body, by stimulating muscle and improving muscle performance.

At Body Sculpture we target specific areas of your body to get the results that you want, and look your best.

Our Slimwave process:

  • Improves your Metabolism and blood circulation
  • Reduces cellulite and improves skin elasticity
  • Provides visible weight loss, lower body, waste, thighs, buttocks, belly fat and calves.
  • Controls and strengthens your whole body while slimming
  • And creating a major change in your appearance

What is Slimwave EMS technology?

Slimwave electrical muscle stimulation technology (EMS technology) was developed for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and utilized by astronauts to prevent muscle atrophy on space missions.

Olympic athletes also adopted the use of this technology to enhance their performance during training sessions.

Now days doctors use EMS units to rehabilitate muscles on injured patents that have chronic muscle spasms accompanied by pain.

In Europe EMS has been used in beauty centers for over twenty five years. Introduced here in Canada experts in this field of technology predict EMS will become one of the fast growing phenomenons.

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