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Pleasanton, California—an Amazing Place To Live And Work

Pleasanton, California—an Amazing Place To Live And Work
John Nazareno:Pleasanton, California—An Amazing Place to Live and Work

Known as the jewel of the Amador Valley, Pleasanton, California, is an especially wonderful place to call home. Pleasanton is located on the San Francisco Area’s east side. This location plays a huge role in the lifestyle and environment in Pleasanton. Additionally, there is no better place to live in California if you want a laidback lifestyle with outstanding work opportunities, highly ranked schools, an amazing community, and fabulous shopping.

Schools in the area are outstanding as well and one of the reasons many families choose to live here. The school district is known as the Pleasanton Unified School District, which works directly with the city to create and build a community of character.

In fact, of the 14 schools that make up the school district 12 of them have been recognized as California Distinguished Schools. Included in this distinction were both high schools, the three middle schools, and seven of the nine elementary schools.

Additionally, several of these schools also received the honor of National Blue Ribbon Schools and one was even named a National School of Character. There are only 10 schools with the ranking of National School of Character in the nation.

The Community

Obviously, Pleasanton has something to offer everyone. There is even a downtown that makes the city seem much smaller than it is thanks to its street parties, festivals, concerts, parades, and even its farmers’ market on Saturdays. These events give a small town feel to Pleasanton, but Pleasanton is anything but small town. There are outstanding restaurants and shopping areas to take advantage of as well as beautiful real estate.

Pleasanton, California is one of those rare cities that have it all. You won’t find another city with such outstanding schools, amazing job opportunities, and such a close knit community feeling.


The Ohlone Indians inhabited what is today known as Pleasanton some 4,000 years ago. In 1772 the Spanish settled in the area and created Mission San Jose. Eventually a secularization law was passed sometime after Mexico became independent from Spain. Instead of sharing the lands of the valley with the Ohlone the majority of the land became property of loyal Mexicans.

Then in 1850 California became part of the United States and the area changed once again. Pleasanton was known as Alisal at this time and was one of the stopover towns on the gold route. Everyone was in search of gold and Pleasanton saw a hustle of activity, but the landscape did not change too much.

Throughout the 1900s Pleasanton remained small and rural, however the ‘60s and ‘70s brought industrialization and an increased population. With this came lots of new jobs. The business parks built in the area really changed the landscape and Pleasanton was California’s third fastest growing city by the 1980s.

Today, Pleasanton is still a wonderful place for families to live and is also one of the best places for business to relocate. In fact, many businesses have moved their headquarters to Pleasanton due to the wonderful business environment that is complemented by the laidback lifestyle.

Currently there are almost 5,500 businesses in Pleasanton that provide more than 50,000 jobs to locals.

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