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Brenda Rusnak
Writer, Physiotherapist by profession who worked for most of her professional career providing rehabilitation solutions for senior citizens.

In May of 2009, Brenda sold Active Health Management (a company she founded in 1984 and grew to 30 million dollars in revenue) to Centric Health Corporation (TSX: CHH) . She remains a share-holder and a consultant to Centric Health.

Brenda has over 25 years experience in delivering and managing rehabilitation services. In 1989, her company (Active Health Management) became the first to deliver preventative physiotherapy services (including Falls Prevention Programs), to senior citizens residing in Nursing Homes throughout Ontario. In 1992, she enabled third-party insurers and employers to access standardized, high-quality rehabilitation services in large and small communities throughout Canada, by building the first national network of independently-owned and operated physiotherapy clinics.

Throughout her career Brenda has regularly appeared on television and radio talk shows and is often invited to speak at conferences and seminars on a variety of topics. She has had numerous appearances on CFTO (Eye on Toronto and The Dini Petty Show), City TV (Breakfast Television and City Line) and Q107 and AM 640 radio stations. She has also had numerous articles published in consumer magazines, newspapers and professional journals such as Canadian Insurance, Canadian Underwriter, Insurance West, and Canadian Occupational Health and Safety News. Brenda is also a contributing author of a booked entitled “Fundamentals of Disability Management” – 1997, edited by Anne Leckie,

In addition, Brenda has sat on many professional committees, including the Financial Services Commission of Ontario's Auto Insurance Task Force on Accreditation, the Ontario Physiotherapy Association/Motor Vehicle Accident Fees and Protocol Steering Committee and the Institute for Work and Health's Professional Advisory Committee.

In October 2000, Brenda was presented with the “Who's Who In Healthcare Technology” award sponsored by several healthcare and technology partners including Microsoft Canada, Benefits Canada and Canadian Healthcare Manager magazines. This award recognizes individuals who demonstrate an exceptional level of leadership and vision, and whose unique approach has made a positive impact in their field.

During her busy career Brenda and her husband of over 25 years managed to raise five wonderful children.

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More information can be found on her web site:

Email Brenda at brenda@thebestpart.ca


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