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  Now tell your story that sells your product or service
Boomersforever is offering you the business owner the exclusive opportunity to present in detail the products and or services you want to promote.
Three Reasons Why You Should be a Columnist on Boomersforever.com

Home Page
  • Your photo and brief marketing message in our columnist section with links to member profile and advertorial page. (photo advertiser supplied)

  • Your banner (logo) if applicable will be included on the home page with links to member profile page.
    (advertiser supplied)




Member Profile Page
  • Your photo. (advertiser supplied)

  • Maximum of 300 words brief company profile or bio, contact details and web site address. (advertiser supplied)

  • Short paragraph and link to advertorial page.

  • Submit 4 new advertorial articles within ad period. (advertiser supplied)

  • Advertorial titles listed and linked to advertorial pages.

Advertorial Page
  • A maximum of 3 graphics/ photos. (advertiser supplied)

  • Maximum of 600 words written in editorial style and contact details. (advertiser supplied)

  • Link to your web site where applicable.

  • Update of information at any time.(advertiser supplied)

  • Copy editing and proofreading.


Text Format - Our preferred format for all file submissions is in Microsoft WORD or in plain text (.txt format).
Digital Images - Ad images should be in high resolution - Photos in JPG format, Graphics in TIFF format.

Send artwork to: info@boomersforever.com

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