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Kathi Casey
The Healthy Boomer Body Expert

Kathi is an author, coach, popular speaker and talk radio show guest, writes monthly columns for the South Shore Senior News, Life After 50, Boomers Forever and Retirement Living Magazines, produces her own TV show called To Your Health" in the Berkshires and owns the Healthy Boomer Body Studio in Otis, MA. Her programs combine good fun and humor with simple yet powerful techniques that fit easily into busy schedules.

Baby Boomers are leading the pack for Weight Loss and Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month and it's great to see the headlines filled with Baby Boomers like John Goodman and Drew Carey leading the pack! Both of these men were aging badly and wanted to stop the clock. They've lost significant weight, reduced dangerous heart disease symptoms and now feel energized and sexy. Drew says he is now completely medication free and no longer has type 2 diabetes. John Goodman is looking forward to more athletic parts coming his way now that he's fit and agile. Goodman used a health coach to drop his excess and is not only thinner, but stronger and more agile than before he started working with a coach. Carey credits a no carb diet for his dramatic weight loss, and while this seems to have worked for him, I do not recommend this drastic approach to my clients. The reason I don't like this approach, is because this is what you might call a “crash diet.” It's not easy for anyone to completely give up all of the foods they love and history tells us that as soon as you go back to your normal eating habits, most people gain back all the weight they lost. It will be interesting to see if they both keep the weight off permanently. I believe that Goodman will, as he has made lifestyle changes that fit in with his regular routine and don't make him feel deprived. Instead, he feels younger, more agile and has a zest for life. And on the Letterman show, he said that he was making a lifetime commitment to his health.

If you are looking to make a healthy lifestyle a part of your lifestyle, start with a few simple steps. Here are three that I recommend to my coaching clients that are: easy , don't cost a dime , yet provide powerful long term results :

•  Keep a food log. The simple idea of writing down everything you put into your mouth each day causes most people to make healthier choices. Most of us just don't think about what we're eating. When you realize that you're about to open your second ice cream sandwich in 24 hours, or you are about to snack on cheese and crackers while making dinner and then see that you ate an entire bag of Cheetos at lunch, you automatically make better choices.

•  Make a grocery list of healthy snacks that you like. Apples are a great snack choice because they're tasty and they have a natural appetite suppressant - fiber. The five grams of fiber makes you feel fuller so you don't eat as much at meals, and they're easy to carry around! Also, if you like avocados, try some home-made guacamole on your crackers instead of cheese. Try out different whole wheat crackers and breads until you find one that you like and add them to your list. Blueberries and peaches are even better for you when you add a handful of walnuts. Try different healthy snacks, find some that you enjoy, and then add them to your grocery list. Keep them front and center in the refrigerator or snack drawer and you'll automatically begin to choose these healthier options – not only because they're good for you but because you like them and they don't make you feel deprived.

•  Read the ingredient labels on everything you purchase. You will be amazed at the number of products with added sugar. I've also seen bread advertised as “Whole Wheat” but when you read the ingredients the first one is enriched white flour, what's up with that? The whole wheat flour is halfway down the list after sugar, partially hydrogenated oils and other stuff that our bodies don't need! I found a really great whole wheat bread in my local grocery store that has only a handful of ingredients – and I can pronounce them all!

For more information on the benefits of health coaching and testimonials from other Baby Boomers, please visit my page: http://bit.ly/9uKie4CoachKathi

Best of Health,

Kathi Casey


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