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Kathi Casey
The Healthy Boomer Body Expert

Kathi is an author, coach, popular speaker and talk radio show guest, writes monthly columns for the South Shore Senior News, Life After 50, Boomers Forever and Retirement Living Magazines, produces her own TV show called To Your Health" in the Berkshires and owns the Healthy Boomer Body Studio in Otis, MA. Her programs combine good fun and humor with simple yet powerful techniques that fit easily into busy schedules.

5 Fun Tips For Enjoying A Long And Healthy Life

Maintaining a healthy heart is the best way to age well. Combining Fitness and Fun makes our hearts sing with joy and good health. I plan to continue this combination until I leave the planet!

“Heart disease” covers a multitude of medical problems like High Blood Pressure, Stroke, High Cholesterol, Heart Attack – the good new is that it's preventable. Taking care of your body is important if you want to enjoy every bit of this wonderful life we're living, and you're more likely to keep doing something that's fun .

Here are my "fun and fit" tips:

1. Exercise while listening to music or watching TV and you'll actually work harder with less effort. It's true! Dance, jog or ride your stationary bike while watching your favorite TV show and you won't even feel that little burn. You're also more likely to breathe normally and not hold your breath, which is much better for your muscles. Thirty minutes of exercise flies by when you're watching Oprah or Dancing with the Stars!

2. Try Laughing Mediation. I love presenting Laughing Meditation because it makes everyone feel so good!

Laughing just 12 minutes a day reduces your risk for heart disease by 10%; reduces the levels of harmful stress hormones in your body, lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity and is great exercise for your lungs if you don't get enough aerobic exercise! You can't beat that with a stick! Easy and fun – and something you can do with your grandkids.

3. Speaking of the grandchildren, they love to do all kinds of fun things like hide and seek, Maro Polo (hide and seek with eyes closed while swimming in the water), volleyball, basketball, short hikes, and the list goes on. If you have grandkids, then you know that playing with them is fabulous exercise plus you'll be making wonderful memories. Another way to make your heart sing!

4. Something that I recommend is taking a walk down memory lane – back to childhood. What did you absolutely love to do? Or maybe what did you plan to learn someday? Now that we're not raising our children, building our careers or whatever else kept us from doing what we love for the last few decades, it's time to get back to it. Today is that someday. I have a friend who recently took up tennis because he always wanted to play and he's healthier and happier than he's been in years. We can't get him off the tennis court!

5. Here's a fun QiQong exercise that both you and the grandkids will love. Stand with your feet a little more than hip width apart and lengthen your spine all the way up through your neck. Relax your shoulders and bring your hands up to about waist height. Now, with your feet planted, begin to shake yourself all over. Legs, arms, hands, head – whole body. Start the movement with the bottoms of your feet while keeping them on the ground. Shake the body up and down from your feet first, then add shaking your arms and hands when you're comfortable with the body shaking. Just remember to relax while you're shaking. If you feel any pain in any body part, reduce the shaking a little. This ancient practice is an excellent way to reduce tension in the entire body, it warms all the muscles and joints, improves lymph flow, making it easier to release toxins from your body and improves the function of adrenal glands and kidneys. Wow! Pretty amazing, huh? I recommend doing this for at least 5 minutes each day. If that's too much for you in the beginning, start smaller and build up to 5 minutes. Some practitioners believe that this body shaking exercise can prevent weight gain, but I think you'd have to do it for more like 20 minutes a day in order to receive that benefit!

My newest book, "Get Off The Couch, Potato!" is in Amazon now and there is a gold mine of healthy, fun tips in there as well. Here's a link to some of the exercises – Enjoy and Best Of Health!


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