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Yoga in Bhutan?

That is the most often asked question I have received since I first had the idea of a company taking clients to Bhutan to practice yoga and tour this incredible Kingdom.

The answer is not a set response, as each time I am asked I find new examples myself of why Bhutan is so special. The Buddhist spirituality is omnipresent. The monasteries are an integral part of each Bhutanese's life and monks are consulted for most major decisions. This is truly one of the few countries left in the world, where you still see regular, everyday citizens wearing their national dress daily even on the downtown streets of Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. Due to the limited number of hotel rooms and restaurants, we have the opportunity to be part of a small minority that ever travels to Bhutan. This ensures that sites are not overrun with tourists which in-turn adds to the enjoyment of the tour.

So these may be great reasons to tour a country but why Yoga?

I believe that this is a true gift to ourselves, to come to Bhutan and have the opportunity to practice Yoga in the Himalayas, with limitless energy/prana/life-force with every breathe you take. The naturalness of the products all around you- the rough hewn floors, the local food, the hand made chairs, etc. you become surrounded with the environment of nature's energy. This energy in turn allows your Yoga practice to flourish, physically, mentally and spiritually, as you have the time to be in the present moment with no distractions in a safe and caring environment.

I would like to let a client give you her impressions of Bhutan and Yoga Travels.

"You land in Bhutan and you land into a Tibetan movie.  This isn't Tibet but I think its probably the closest to how Tibet was. Your welcome is an inspiring view of Everest as you fly over the Himalayan mountains, and as you come in to land you are absorbed into the wonder of the valleys below. The beauty, the wonder and the inspiration of Bhutan will not leave you during your stay.  Any negative feelings or doubts just dissipate and the people and the land welcome you into their arms with big smiles and bigger hearts.

Bhutan is the perfect backdrop to a yoga retreat and self discovery holiday. The yoga every day helps you prepare and process all you are seeing, doing and learning on a daily basis as you make your way around this tiny but exquisite country.  Janice's yoga classes change according to what is going on and what the participants need each day. The variety and compassion of her teaching will envelope you as much as the kindness of Chimi, the guide. Janice and Chimi work wonderfully together to provide you with an experience you'll never forget.

  An experience that will remain in your heart forever."

Jennifer Soderholm



Consider opening yourself up to a Yoga and travel experience like no other and give yourself the gift of travel with like minded people to expand and realize your true potential.