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Diane Randall
Certified Wellness Coach & Self Care Expert, Speaker and Author

She speaks and writes on a variety of wellness and self care topics related to women.

"Whether it is about work life balance, health or lifestyle changes, my favorite wellness coaching conversations have to do with transition. It's exciting to see what happens when we take calculated risks in order to realize our true goals.”

Work-Life Balance: It's All about Choices

R emember the news stories about people suing fast-food companies because they had made them fat? O r the friend who hasn't taken a vacation from work in years? O r how you keep saying, “I just don't get enough sleep”? Choices, my friend, it's all about choices.

Each day we make choices that influence our pace and quality of life, and many of these are unconscious. While it's a good thing we don't have to think about every little choice we make, when it comes to creating harmony between our work-related activities and the rest-of-our-life activities, it's a good idea to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee. Otherwise, we can find ourselves living with the effect of our choices, such as feeling overwhelmed, out of control, or unhealthy. These effects are all symptoms of our lives slowing down and eventually coming to a screeching halt. We can't live a life accelerated if we're too busy focusing on the effort of balancing it all.

Research on work-life balance shows us a picture that's probably not too surprising: We work while we're on vacation. We call in with a fake sick day just to get a breather, reflect, or catch up on sleep. This kind of a lifestyle can lead to physical and emotional illness. That's not what employers want or what any of us want individually. It's a lifestyle that becomes a sort of trance state, and one that's hard to wake up from, if we're lucky enough to realize or believe that we can. It keeps us from finding harmony between the life that we want and the life that we're currently living.

William James, pioneering American psychologist and philosopher, opened in a letter to H.G. Wells in 1906 that our “exclusive worship” of success and money was “our national disease.” Over a hundred years later, we seem to be suffering from the same illness.

Better work-life balance though, is high on the priority list for many workers, especially the generations following the Baby Boomers, who see quality of life as a top priority, not monetary compensation. Companies are starting to realize the benefit of providing actual work-life balance training for their employees, making this an increasingly hot topic in board rooms. But the sovereign architect of the quality of our work-life balance is, and will always remain, you and me. It comes down to the choices we make. Every hour of every day. To slow down … or to speed up. To take time to smell the flowers … or not. It's not that one or the other is good or bad. It's about making conscious choices with an awareness of what's needed or wanted at the time. To live in a way that allows us to be present to ourselves, to our lives, and to others. To find total harmony between how we are currently living and how we want to be living. When we find harmony, then we can start moving forward faster and faster, living a life accelerated.


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