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Regina Leeds
Zen and get Organized
Jan Cullinane
Retirement expert
Diane MacEachern
The Green Purse
Diane Randall Wellness and Holistic Coach
Prill Boyle
Defying Gravity
Sheree Zielke

Speaker Author
Brenda Rusnak
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JAN 23 TO FEB 18, 2018

Peters Heaters Peter’s Heaters offers you a unique solution for your business or next special event.
Gas and Electric, Classic and Designer heaters and Commercial and Residential Rentals or Sale.
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Hobby Bière and Vin
Since 1994, we have been making wine, and beer, for all to enjoy. From wine to beer kits for home processing, to now fermenting on site, we have been here to make your taste buds water with delicious alcoholic beverages. If you need more information contact us at 514 696-6780 or visit our nearest store.  

Eat Healthy Foods - It Makes Sense!
Debra Conrad: We all know the importance of eating healthy foods for their vitamin and mineral content. However, in recent years, scientists have discovered that there are hundreds of substances in food that have healing and disease prevention properties.

So why, if there are foods that will heal many of our common ailments, have we not heard more about them? Maybe it's because, just as we've become a fast food society, we've also become a fast cure society. We're always looking for the easy way to cure and prevent diseases by just popping a pill.

Just look at the increasing number of ads on TV and in magazines for drugs. Often the side effects are worse than the disease they're meant to prevent or cure!

Wouldn't it be better to use natural remedies? Read more

Montreal West Island Homes - Real Estate - Grant Staley
We are a premier Montreal real estate that offers extensive real estate information, buying and selling guidance, tips on environmental home strategies, community profiles and neighbourhood insights as well as current homes for sale in the West Island and areas west of Montreal. More information


Montreal Chiropractor Health and Wellness Expert
Dr. Jason L. Skolar Chiropractor, B.Sc., D.C., A.R.T.® Doctor of Chiropractic Active Release Techniques ® Soft Tissue Treatment Provider.
We focus on a natural health and wellness model , to educate you to make the lifestyle modifications and personal health and wellness decisions to live life to the fullest and enjoy true health potential.
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Centre Dentaire AMICAL
Amical Dental Center located in Kirkland, Beaconsfield is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and dental service to all our patients.  More information
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Dr. Jason Skolar Chiropractor
The chiropractic approach to healthcare is holistic, emphasizing the patients overall well-being.

Chiropractic focuses on maintaining optimal health naturally so that the body is better able to resist disease and dysfunction, instead of merely treating the symptoms of disease.

We work in partnership with our patients to ensure optimal health and wellness in all aspect of their lives.

How to Reclaim Your Time by Diane Randall
There is something of a paradox that busy people often encounter when they realize that they need to make more personal time for themselves – they find that they're too busy to figure out how!Do you feel that way yourself? You're overwhelmed, overworked and overused? Are you having a love affair with your job, but not with your life? Do you lack the freedom to just simply “play”?Are you too busy to figure out how to stop being so busy?
For more information
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Laughter is Truly The Best Medicine For Baby Boomers
I have a very contagious laugh, and I have always loved to make others laugh as well, but only in recent years have I understood how all this laughing is helping us Boomers remain healthy and vital.Much has been written lately about the benefits of laughter, but the real pioneer in this field was Norman Cousins. Back in the 1970's Cousins studied the effect of humor on a person's health. His ground-breaking work, as a layperson diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, documented his use of laughter in treating himself, with medical approval and oversight, into remission. Read more

Heart Palpitations & Menopause - Here's A Quick Way to Relieve Them by Cathy Taylor
Menopause isn't typically a life threatening condition - but in extreme cases, it can bring upon symptoms like rapid heart beat that feel like it is. The occasional feeling that your heart "skips a beat" does not necessarily indicate a serious medical problem. For those with menopause, rapid heart beat should be monitored by your doctor to check for a mitral valve prolapse which is a mild deformity of a heart valve. Read more

The Zen Organizer ... Named 'The Best Organizer in LA' by Los Angeles Magazine!

Leading Edge Skin-Care Technologies
Offering high end advanced esthetic care in a peaceful yet professional setting. At DL Advanced Skin-Care our friendly yet professional certified estheticians have received extensive training in laser hair removal, non surgical and ultrasound procedures, as well as cellulite treatment using infrared light; micro-currents and product knowledge to ensure an excellent experience each time. see more info...

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Give me your internet marketing services for free!
Last evening, I had the good fortune of having dinner with my sister who is visiting from California. Over sushi we talked about how grateful we each are for our businesses. Lorraine is a fine artist who has built a very successful business over a number of years. I told Lorraine I feel so blessed to make a great living by way of the Internet; yet there is a downside that is not often talked about; people who want "just a minute of your time" but "I have no money to pay you".Kathleen Gage Read more..
Arthur Murray Dance School
Montreal West Island, Dollard Des Ormeaux - Dance Studio – Bolero, Mambo, Cha Cha, Merengue, Rumba, Salsa, Samba, Fox trot, Swing. Our family atmosphere, energetic staff, and team-first approach have helped to create an environment where people of all ages feel like they belong the moment they walk in the door.
Learn now
Montreal Ostéopath D.O. – Marius Negrau
Therapy that can treat almost any condition from physical injuries and functional disorders (digestive, menstrual, respiratoryetc.) to emotional disturbances and persistent symptoms of obscure origin. Stem Cell nutrition - Stop aging ! Heal & Rejuvenate. More information
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Dignité Inc.
Innovative Safety Aids, Mobility Products and Home Care Equipment
“Aids for Daily Living”, allowing persons the opportunity to accomplish all their daily activities by themselves. Products at our store and online include aids for: Exersice, eating, mobility, bathing, vision, personal care, bedroom, and safety.
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Forever Esthetics Mobile Spa
Forever Esthetics Spa Treatment. Take the time to sit back, relax and indulge in our services allowing our qualified staff to pamper you in your own comfort! After all, you deserve nothing but the best! Read more
Stem Cell Nutrition - Discover the Solution that Changes Lives with Dr. Alan Somersaull,PhD. MD. You're invited to a FREE conference - contact Marius Negrau Montreal Ostéopathe D.O. Massage Therapy and Treatment Centre. More information
The Westmount massage therapy centre is a state of the art facility located in Montreal at the heart of Westmount 's Victoria Village . We offer enhanced treatment modalities, and we continue to provide cutting edge massage therapy treatments.More information

Bridging the Generation Gap by Optimizing the Differences
OK, you're quickly discovering that there's an ever widening gulf between your company's Boomer Bosses and Millennial Newcomers; or equally problematic, between your young staff and your Boomer customers.

It's creating increasing levels of internal discord, customer dissatisfaction (or worse, loss of some of your highest spending customers, Boomers), and lost productivity through either high staff turn-over or time taken away from growing your business to handle conflicts. See Terri Benincasa

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Diane Randall
Creating Change: Step3
Identify your inner obstacles to change Im sure you aware of some things you want to change in your life...
The 'Stuff' of life and the chaos it creates
I've spent more than twenty years helping people eliminate the 'excess stuff' they've accumulated.
End chronic lower back pain without medication
How often do you get out of bed with a stiff back?
Work-Life Balance:
Remember the news stories about people suing fast-food companies because they had made them...
This past weekend the nasty question about funding national pension plans...
Women and Negotiation:
We don't like it, we're not very good at It, so Let's Improve



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